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„Gambling“ as a guest in the soul – or both faces of the gambling addicted


Surely the profile I will describe will seem familiar to you. He is the best person you know. There is no situation in which you have asked him for help and he has not responded. He works hard and has almost no time for anything. He makes a lot of money. People around him wonder why he doesn’t dress better or at least put that money somewhere… but no. He continues to work to exhaustion and at the same time he is the best in the field in which he works. But he, this same good and responsive person who doesn’t even wait for his borrowed money to be returned and forgets it… HE is in the casino every night and everything he makes sinks there.

Did you recognize him? The typical profile of a gambling addicted. No, gambling addicted are not bad people. On the contrary! They are very good for others and very bad for themselves! They want to help, carry the problems of all the people around them and solve them, but not their own, because the biggest fear they have is to look into their souls.

You will also recognize HER – she has the same characteristics as him. And she is meek, and she is good, and she is cheerful, and she is the soul of the company, and she works hard, and helps everyone, but when she comes home in the evening and goes to bed, an unexpected and uninvited, ugly guest enters her mind, mixes her thoughts and she loses herself. This guest wakes up for life her gambling addiction and she goes hand in hand with him, enters the casino and loses everything she has earned, especially all the positive evaluations of her behavior collected in recent days . And again, the worst thing is not the uninvited guest in her head, which pushes her to self-destruction, but the mirror of her soul, which remains hidden behind a heavy blanket.

This is what the life of gambling addicts looks like – a double life. One in front of people and another in front of themselves, one for example and one for shame (and shame is completely unnecessary, but…). Do not succumb to shame, fear and the ugly monster that pulls you to himself! Get help TODAY! I am here and I will lend you a hand! Trust me!

Special thanks…
Photo by: AJ Petkov

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