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A 10-step program for dealing with panic attacks


Panic attacks are the scourge of our times. They affect more and more young people and this seriously hinders their daily lives. Often, these people stop going out, shut down, and start worrying about their condition. Every step outside home is associated with high levels of anxiety and stress, which adversely affects them not only mentally, but also physically. Different people’s panic attacks may have different manifestations, but there are common traits that are recognized and are the same for everyone.

What happens during a panic attack and how do you know if you got one?

– Feeling tightness in the chest area (as in a heart attack)

– A strong sense of fear

– Feeling powerless

– The feeling that everything is over (the feeling that you will die)

– Heart palpitations (heart rate)

– Shortness of breath

These are the common symptoms among all people with panic attacks. From here on, there may be other additional, accompanying, symptoms that are individual to each sufferer. There are people who experience cramps in different parts of the body, there are people with vertigo and other manifestations that are strictly individual and largely dependent on the psychic predisposition of the person.

Do your symptoms sound familiar? It may be time to take care of yourself with a 10-step program for dealing with panic attacks. Here’s what it contains:

What is the 10-step program for dealing with panic attacks?

This program contains a combination of specially developed techniques for understanding, controlling and dealing with panic attacks:

– discussions to identify the main causes of panic attacks

– hypnotic techniques for controlling the senses during a panic episode

– Schuessler salts to improve the bodily functions

– Independent work to deal with panic episodes at any time

– Personalized sessions and techniques for dealing with panic attacks permanently.

The 10-step program responds to panic attacks within 10 therapy sessions and in a large percentage of cases helps to completely overcome this serious problem. A major element of the program is the desire of the person to cope with the problem, because it also relies on independent work – doing homework exercises.

What is the place of Schuessler salts in this program?

Working with people who have panic attacks, I have found that an important part of the healing process is the balance of the essential elements in the body. After having thoroughly studied the Schuessler salts and learned about their use, I found the missing part in the treatment to deal with panic disorders. The supply of the necessary salts in the body helps for faster and more efficient coping with the problem, so one of the 10-step program’s sessions goes into identifying the most serious physical problems of the client. Adequate combination of salts and ointments is found to provide the body with the elements that it lacks.

Panic attacks signify a cry for help and attention, so very few people manage to deal with this problem alone. The therapist is an important missing piece in the puzzle.

Would you like to get some peace of mind? You can trust me and together we will take the 10 steps to dealing with your panic attacks. (Psychologist – Sofia and Blagoevgrad).

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